Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Scott and I’m simply in love with talking about everything around culture. So much so that I’ve based my career around it.

Stitch Pic
Baltimore Ravens and Stitch make Scott happy.

I’m a Radio Masters Graduate. I studied at the University of Sunderland and am currently based in Scotland.

I have had quite a bit of radio experience in my twenty-something years on this planet. I have worked for commercial radio station Sun FM as well as AmazingRadio. Both of those stations are so different in their aims but I appreciate and love them both so much. My first steps into Radio came through Fife College’s K-Town FM where I studied for my Radio HND and had great fun making some interesting programmes.

However my Radio home is Sunderland’s Spark FM. It has a very large place in my heart and always will. During my time at Spark I have presented, produced and covered specialist music shows around indie (Spark Undiscovered), Rap (The Hip Hop Show) and Dance (award winning Dance Revolution). I also had my own show The New Music Mixtape which played all of the new great music we were sent to the station. I was also in charge of specialist programming for a year which was incredible fun. I then moved to Daytime becoming Deputy Programme Controller. During Summer I also presented and produced our Drivetime show on the station. My strengths came behind the scenes though in my Head of Music role. I’ve always had a passion for curating music and Spark gave me the opportunity to take that from family parties to a whole station. As Head of Music I picked and updated Spark’s playlist and worked with my contacts and friends at record labels in bringing in as much new music to Spark as possible. We also set up some pretty sweet interviews and review opportunities for our volunteers at the station. It was the best job in the world and one day I hope to get a paid Head of Music job at a radio station. That’s the dream!

My main passion in life comes from Music. I love helping taste-make new trends and help break new artists so hopefully that will be a main aim for this new website. My personal favourite type of music is Hip Hop and R&B and at present (for most of 2014/2015) my favourite artist is Drake. The man just brings the right vibes and wins at life in doing so. I will and endeavour to listen to everything though and report on it. Music Culture is my life.

I’m also an enormous TV and Film geek and again I will do my best to review the newest cinema releases as well as TV Dramas that I watch. Despite not having a Games Console I do enjoy dipping into Gaming Culture too. Lastly Sport is big for me. I know a tonne about Football, Formula 1 and NFL but my main strength lies in Wrestling so expect a lot of articles on those.

I think what might work best now is a Q&A. Here are some questions that people asked me about myself.

First album you bought?
With my own money it was Muse’s live Wembley concert H.A.A.R.P. Seeing Muse in those days would have been insane. I think my first album I got bought for me was Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory which is again sublime. Linkin Park were the first band I fell in love with.

What was your first gig?
I am actually not super proud of this one. It was Good Charlotte. They’re great you know, it’s just easy to forget when you’ve seen Prince, Bob Dylan, Rage Against The Machine, The Rolling Stones and others on that level.

What are your favourite films ever?
Back To The Future 1&2 are the joint best film ever. Then Jurassic Park and then Independence Day. Everything after that’s never locked in place.
My favourite movie characters are Patrick Bateman (American Psycho), Aragorn (Lord Of The Rings) and Stitch (off of Disney).

What TV shows do you love most?
I’m a sucker for big flashy American productions so things like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead do well for me. In Britain I can dig Doctor Who and Sherlock but that’s almost it. My favourite show of all time might be Scrubs but that could change. It depends on mood.

What sports teams do you follow?
In football I’m traditionally a Manchester United fan but I don’t watch them much at the moment. My home team from Scotland that I love are St.Johnstone. My love in Formula 1 is for Fernando Alonso, he’s my guy.
A few years back I decided to get into American sport and so picked my teams. First up was NFL and my beloved Baltimore Ravens. I’m now mad for NFL, more than I am for any other sport. In Baseball I go for the Detroit Tigers and in Basketball it’s the San Antonio Spurs. I quite like the Houston Dynamo soccer team too. Wrestling is a big love of mine. I watch WWE religiously and also have a big interest in Indie Wrestling.

If you have any other questions, let me know and I’ll fire them up.

Thanks for reading, I’m a nice person I promise



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