The New Music Mixtape – Best of August 2016

The New Music Mixtape – Best of August 2016

Hello and welcome along to this month’s New Music Mixtape. I’ll be showcasing the best music that I found in August on this show, but it was not an easy task. Across the month I managed to source¬†194¬†songs. Pretty good going huh!

I have shortlisted those tracks though and now I present the Best of August 2016. You can expect to hear:

– The Top 10 of August 2016
– Returns from Bon Iver, Dan Croll & Joyce Manor

And music from absolutely all over the place. Stretching from Colorado to Belfast to Sydney, The New Music Mixtape gives you the best new music from all over the globe.

As always let me know what tracks you’re liking the sounds of and thanks for listening!