We Can Beat Them, Forever And Ever.

This morning I wake to really sad news as the enigmatic, always endearing icon of the past 40 years of music has passed. Rest in Peace, David Bowie.

I see true heart-break at his passing from friends and Twitter looks so in sync right now that its almost poignantly beautiful that the world in a rare moment joins together, in this instance to celebrate a genius.

I’m writing a quick blog post because I have something to say that doesn’t fit 140 characters. I really want in my life at some point to have my Bowie phase. I distinctly remember collecting all of his albums before moving to University years ago but I never got round to having the time to play them. I’ve of course familiarised myself heavily with the hit records that will be now forever timeless, but I’m not yet a Bowie super-fan by any stretch.

I am however a super-fan of Heroes. It’s saved me from awfully dark places, as recently as Saturday night (this is Monday morning). It’s ironic that so much of Bowie’s might is on his song-writing and lyricism but for me it’s the enormous wall of sound on Heroes that is, in my opinion, the most powerful piece of music ever written, and I mean that as a final thing, I lock that in as an opinion.
Everything about the way that the music meanders up in pitch does the same to every inch of my well-being, it makes me feel more alive. And when I’ve been down, a lot more recently than usual, I’ve been listening to Heroes a lot. I’ve been doing this for years when I don’t feel so good about things. I listen to Heroes when I feel small or feel insecure about my place in the world. It fills me with hope.
So when I heard today, I made sure I got out of bed and listened to Heroes.

So thank you David Bowie. I’ll appreciate you much more when I’m older I’m sure, but thank you for your timelessness in living and now in death. You’ll never really die though, your music is forever.


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