The First Great Song Of 2016 Is…

It is the 6th January 2016 and for the past six days I have been watching the net like a hawk ready for the first record to drop that makes me smile, nod and shout YUP very loudly. I’ve had numerous records I’ve liked this year so far but nothing has felt worthy of the title; “The First Great Song Of 2016″…Until now. The first great song of 2016 is Adore by Savages.

Four piece indie punk group Savages are returning at the end of the month with the follow up to their 2013 debut album Silence Yourself. It will be called “Adore Life” and from it we have what might be a title track of sorts, “Adore”. Sorrowful and moodily slow paced like the best Savages records are, this one succeeds in perfect builds.

Jenny Beth’s vocals asks questions “Is it human to adore life?” and the lyricism and power harks back to the darker days of The Smiths. Her vocals in the finale of the track are precisely perfect, rising to the occasion of the track’s build.

Distorted guitar and smash drums accompanies Jenny’s vocals alongside the ever predominant bass in Savages’ music.

The final minute and a half of “Adore” are spent repeating the phrase “I adore life, do you adore life?” and there’s real conviction in the message of the track into what is a stunning breaking point. It’s a fine preview of what’s to come from their forthcoming album.

Other Songs Which Are Pretty Hip

As stated above, a few other songs have caught my attention so I should also talk about them. I’m not sure where he’s based but producer Kidkanevil has a good taste in hoodies and producing music (which is handy). I think this record came into existence last year but has breathed its first breath onto the Blogisphere a few days back. Jon Hopkins meets Kawaii for a sublime piece of Asian Glitchy god knows what.

With both super producer MikeWillMadeIt and absolute lads Rae Sremmurd releasing new material this year, they have debuted the first piece of music from both in 2016 and it’s a cheeky trap tune with a dead catchy chorus. #SremmLife

Courtesy of AmazingRadio I have come across a fantastic dream pop duo from Dundee called St.Martiins whose track Bite reminds me of the sweeter sides of Paramore. It has just enough jingle jangle about it for my liking whilst exploding in the chorus for moshing potential. Vocalist Katie’s got a lovely syrupy tone which brings a lovely happiness to the track.

Can we please talk about DRAM for a second? The Virginia rapping crooner had a massive hit with Cha Cha in early 2015 but dropped off seemingly into nothing. However he has started 2016 strong by covering Bryson Tiller’s Don’t and releasing this great oath to succeed this year, 1 Year.

Rosie Lowe has kicked off the year in style by giving us a strong piano ballad about her pride over being female. It’s a great, ethereal, piece of production which surely sets us up for a gorgeous debut album which should finally drop in 2016 after a few years of odd singles.

Novo Amor states on his Facebook page that he’s from The Moon and if that big white ball in the sky is vast and empty its also beautifully bright and somewhat tranquil to look at. That’s a fair assessment of Novo Amor’s Anchor too, which I immediately fell for due to its likeness to Ben Howard and Bon Iver. If you like those kinds of names, you’ll adore this guy.

With driving harmonies like Mamas And Pappas with a blend of soft guitar like Fleetwood Mac, new group Sunflower Bean might be have harnessed the power and sound of the 60s and 70s rock scene better than any band in recent times. It’s decisevely hazey and subtle, but Easier Said will be a track which will excite many classic rock fans.

To finish us off for now I really love the new tracks from Skizzy Mars who is about to release his first major album “Alone Together” on January 22nd. I’ve been a fan for a long time, since I heard Lucy back in 2014 but his music has progressed loads and Crash may just fill the Frank Ocean sized gap in your life right now.

Now that Savages have opened the doors I will be keen to bring you as much new music as I can. All going well I’ll have a weekly New Music Mixtape list for you to read about. Hope you enjoyed these tracks and thank you for reading!



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